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Latest Reads - The Seafarer's Secret (Carol Ann Collins)

the seafarer's secret book image with grass and a rock

I try not to judge a book by its cover because if I did, I would not have read this book.  The cover is pretty, but speaks the romance genre to me, which is not what I read.  Romance does play a part in the storyline, but no more than most cozies, which is my normal genre; in fact, I would say less than others.  While in a bookshop, I came across this book upside down and went to “fix” it, catching the word “Blackbeard” as I did.  This caught my attention because I do like to read about pirates, and Blackbeard is probably the most well known to have existed in the real world.

Two women die in accidents a year apart with one similarity, each is found with one very old gold coin.  The first one, Catherine, was the estranged wife of the current police chief, William Templeton.  When the second woman is found, the chief steps down because his wife’s case is reopened.  Eva Knightly is asked to help with the coins because she is a Historian and an expert about Blackbeard.  More coins appear and the town is abuzz with talk of the coins being part of lost treasure buried long ago by Blackbeard.  The past is heavily involved in the present, as Eva and William work together to solve the mysteries of the Devil’s coins, the deaths, and Blackbeard’s possible involvement.

The author keeps things moving and while I did figure out who the guilty party was, the author threw in an interesting twist.  With two dead ladies and two gold coins, one can assume they are related, but one should not make assumptions.  If you are like me and enjoy mysteries, pirates, treasure hunts, and the Outer Banks, which is a favorite location of mine, then this book should not be on your to-be-read list, it should be in your hands right now.  This book was a hit with me, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.


To find out more about the author, and to see what other books she has written, you can visit Carol Ann Collin's website for more details.

Thanks for reading, and I will see ya next time! #books #bookreview #pirates #mysteries #authorlife #author #sea #goldcoins


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