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Shiver Me Snowman Front Cover

"This doesn't look

like a simple act of


 Murder in the Woods (Slice of Life Mystery Series Book #2) 


       For once, the weathermen were right and a major snowstorm rolls into Creek Water, PA. The town is ready for their first ever Snowman Flash Mob event, and pretty soon, fun snowman creations are seen all over town. As delicious warm pretzels chase the biting cold away at the award ceremony that evening, everything seems to have gone over well. That is, until the next day finds Detectives Tom and
John looking into the destruction of some, but not all, of the snowmen. What happened during the night to catch little Twyla’s attention in the wee hours that morning? And will the owner of the Slice of Life Bakery and Supply Shop, Alexandra, and her friends, be able to assist the police in their hunt for the icy culprit before their clues melt; or will there be more victims than just their frozen friends?



Shiver Me Snowman

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