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Latest Reads - Fair Game (Douglas Stuart)

Updated: 6 days ago

fair game book by douglas stuart

A Holmes and Watson Adventure is not my usual pick from the shelf, however, it was a nice read that tied in local Pennsylvanian history. This novel had great pacing, and I enjoyed the traveling tales of Sherlock Holmes and Watson as they solve the crimes. From a case of burgled jewelry in Edinburgh, Scotland, to finding missing bonds in New York City, to preventing an assassination in Washington D.C., and finally, to nothing less than the safety of the United States being in peril during the World’s Fair at St. Louis Missouri, this famous investigating duo have their hands full.  While side stopping in Pennsylvania, Gettysburg and Carlisle are mentioned, along with historical references to the battlefields and the jailhouse.

Throughout the storyline, Sherlock, his brother Mycroft, and Watson were able to help both old and new acquaintances, such as Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Norton and even President Theodore Roosevelt. Missing World Fair participants, America’s interest in the Philippines, and their participation in the World’s Fair, supply an interesting scenario for a heinous plot that endangers the United States.  I enjoyed the descriptions of the World Fair and learning a few things that had absolutely no tie-in with the main concept.  For example, I knew the Philippines were made up of a lot of islands, but over 7000? (who’d of thought?)

Now, I would like to reiterate that Sherlock and Watson are not my normal reads, so I cannot vouch for any character trait discrepancies there may or may not be; as a true fan would undoubtedly take note whilst reading. That being said, I do think that this book would catch the eye of anyone who enjoys historical fiction mysteries, Sherlock, and a host of interesting characters placed at a monumental event like the World's Fair. Oh yeah, and the Russians are in it of course!


For more information on the author, please visit the publisher's website.

Thanks for reading over my review and I will back real soon!

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