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Latest Reads - Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park (Aaron Johnson)

Updated: 6 days ago

national park book with water bottle

The first book in the National Park Mystery Series was a great start to a fun and well designed ongoing storyline. Jake, a teenager whose grandpa has passed away, and with whom he was really close to, embarks on a journey with his cousin Wes and friend Amber throughout Rocky Mountain National Park. A traveling scavenger hunt set up by Jake's late grandpa, takes the kids and their respective families on an extended vacation trip that soon makes them realize the serious side to their adventure. It is not all fun and games as possible danger looms over them by unknown people watching their movements with questionable intentions of their own.

The characters and their situations are presented very realistically and the author, Aaron Johnson, describes the Rocky Mountains National Park in a way the reader can picture in their mind; making you feel as though you are riding along with the kids. Jake, Wes, and Amber are all intelligent children portrayed with realistic self-doubts, and I found them to be highly relatable. They look after one another in the unpredictable outdoors while trying to keep unknown persons from stealing their triumphs and destroying them and their journey. But will they make it there before it is too late?

 I also like his own hand-done illustrations that are periodically placed throughout the story for a nice touch of added interest. His “Author Notes” in the back of each book provide additional fun facts about the different locations mentioned throughout the story with links supplied for extra exploration.

If you, like me, enjoy travel, codes, mysteries, scavenger hunts, and our National Parks, then this book is perfect for your next read! Aimed for the youth, all ages can read this delightful tale and will envelope you into the adventure.

As I have been to a number of our country's wonderful parks, I look forward to reading about the Sand Dunes and Grand Canyon installments to this series, as I have fond memories of visiting them both. (and a fun story about the fabulous Great Sand Dunes National Park, a landscape so out of place in my opinion). I will have to make sure to stop by my local independent bookstore to order them in!

For more information on the author, and to purchase signed copies of his books, please visit his website.

Currently, there are four books in the series: Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park, Discovery in Great Sand Dunes National Park, Adventure in Grand Canyon National Park and Danger in Zion National Park. Although, there are ten planned in total and I can't wait!

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