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Latest Reads - A Cold Day For Murder (Dana Stabenow)

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

book, cookies, and mug

While I had actually already read this book a long time ago, I thoroughly enjoyed Author Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak Mystery series. So when our family's vacation was coming up, I decided to re-read this book and do a small write up on it. Prepare yourself!


I would first like to give out a warning. This book is NOT a cozy mystery. Though I do write within this great sub-genre of mystery, I like to read outside of it from time to time. And she is one of my favorite authors who doesn't write cozy.

Kate Shugak is an interesting, strong, but flawed, woman with a wonderfully protective canine companion. Her half-dog and half-wolf, Mutt, comes in handy by her side whilst living in the most northern state of Alaska. The author does a beautiful job at making the reader "feel, see, and touch" the landscape through the words on the page. As well as providing the truely possible scenario of hunting for a missing National Park Ranger and an investigator from the District Attorney's office.

One thing I would like to also mention, is the unusual way of making hot chocolate that Dana Stabenow writes about. I wouldn't wish to give it away, not yet anyhow. I am going to experiment with it first, and perhaps even write another blog post about it. Who knows?

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