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Death of a Dispatcher Wins Finalist!!!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Finding out that my book placed finalist in the 2021 American Book Fest was really neat!

It joins my other two books, Murder in the Woods and A Murderous Christmas, as award winning novels.

Murder in the Woods is the second novel in my Slice of Life Mystery series and was the 2019 American Book Fest Winner in the Cozy Mystery Category. In the book, Alexandra and Caitlin go to a campground to participate in a friend's wedding and to make the cake. They are looking forward to visiting their old friend and her family. After the caterer is found dead, Alex and Cat are accused of the deed. As more friends and guests arrive, they work to clear their names and to make sure their friend's wedding goes off without a problem. But after more attacks and an attempted murder, they realize that not only their goal, but their very lives are in peril.

A Murderous Christmas is the third novel in my Slice of Life Mystery series and was the 2020 American Book Fest Finalist in the Cozy Mystery Category. Alexandra Applecake and her employees and friends at her cake and supply shop, Slice of Life, are geared up for a normal Christmas season full of hustle and bustle. The hectic level is ramped up when a local artist is killed and Alex is accused of the crime. Alex finds herself the target of numerous foes as she and her friends work to clear her name. Will Alex survive or fall victim to a murderous Christmas?

After writing three novels in my first mystery series, a new series was calling my name and the Becky and Rufus Cross Country Mystery series was born.

Death of a Dispatcher is the first novel in this series. Becky and Rufus Bridgewater are a cross country trucking team that enjoy seeing the country as they work. Shortly after returning to their company in Tennessee because of a merger, Becky finds a much hated dispatcher dead and quickly becomes the prime suspect. Clearing her name with the help of a few friends is not easy nor safe. Rufus may have to get used to going solo, both in trucking and in life.

All books are available for purchasing through the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop and on Amazon. However, you can get a signed copy if you shop locally at the Bookshop. Check out their website:

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