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  • Sherry Ickes

Having a Great Time with Cozy Mystery Fans!

Updated: 6 days ago

the cozy mystery day group with sheryl c d ickes

With the ladies of the Day Cozy Mystery Book Discussion Group at Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop.


Have you ever been to a bookshop where the genres are limited to mainly mystery, spy, thriller and horror? In the small town of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, there is a shop matching that very description.

On Wednesdays, the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop, hosts their book discussions and every third Wednesday of the month is for their two cozy mystery groups. You heard me right, not just one, but TWO book discussion groups where the members read and talk about cozy mysteries each month. Sounds like a great time? You would be right, my friend!

This month, the ladies picked the first in my Becky and Rufus Cross Country Mystery series, Death of a Dispatcher, and after they had roughly thirty minutes to talk about what they liked or didn't like in regards to the story, I was invited to join them for a question and answer session. Just like when I did a cozy mystery book club online, with readers from across the country, this bunch of ladies had very good questions into the fundamentals of being a truck driver and how living on the road plays an essential part in each of my character's lives.

Now, I realize that the occupations in my book are very different from that of a cookie shop, renovating, coffee shop, and other small business proprietorships; but I consider that to be a strength and not a weakness in my series. While I do acknowledge the possible hesitation to trying this book due to its unconventional theme, and the ladies weren't too sure on how they were going to like it based on this very thing, I would like to think that you won't regret taking a chance on it! (They ended up saying that the group was an unanimous "yes" to liking the book, and that they would read another one written by me! Which, as you can imagine, brought a smile to my face and made my day,)

Interested in seeing if Death of a Dispatcher might be for you? Check out what the book is about on my website here.


As a side note: I would like to put it out there, because a number of readers have voiced their concerns over one of my feline characters, that no cat dies in this book. To see what has happened to him, you will have to check it out in the next installment of the series, Bear Attack.


It was a pleasure getting to chat with the group and I was thankful that they were willing to give me feedback, because that is how we learn and grow as authors. Thank you to the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop, and to my daughter who took the above photograph with permission.

If you are be interested in having me do something like this for a book discussion group you are apart of, please contact me through my website. I don't charge for a visit, as it is the connections between readers and authors that makes this job all the worth while.



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