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  • Sherry Ickes

Chocolate Town Book Fest 2022

Updated: 6 days ago


Getting my table set up for all of the readers about to pour through the doors!


Well, what can I say? Living in Pennsylvania can be a wet wonderland. But at least the organizers were able to move this wonderful event into the Hershey Library to keep all readers, authors and books alike dry. Who would have figured that the remnants of tropical storm would be hitting our area the same weekend as our outdoor event? It's Pennsylvania is the simple answer.

Still, it was a pleasure being able to visit the Hershey Library for the first time. Since I am not from the general area, I have not had the chance to stop on in. But it was a very nice library with a great layout. And the readers were a delight to have conversations with. I even brought along some of my Micron puzzles to sell and they were a big hit!


The organizers even had some local students helping out, and let me tell you, with all of our heavy books to lug around, that was a blessing! It was also a fun day because my daughter was seated next to me at the event with her historical fiction mysteries. And the author on the other side of her was also named Sherry, so we had a little joke going on with her being in the middle to the 'Sherry' sandwich.

All in all, it turned out to be a great experience and well worth the drive. I am looking forward to coming next year, schedule permitting, and I hope to see you there!


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