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"There is no friend as loyal as a book.” - Ernest Hemingway

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Hi, my name is Sherry Ickes and I am the author of the Slice of Life mysteries. I live near the small town of Carlisle in rural Pennsylvania with my husband, daughter, and our two dogs.


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Fun Fact:
I was a cake decorator for over 20 years but never really liked the taste of icing.
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It Only Takes A Bite
Murder in the Woods
A Murderous Christmas

Welcome to my Slice of Life Mystery series! Based on a cake decorator in a small town where murder is a common dish on the catering menu and wedding cakes are fatally good.

Introducing the

Becky and Rufus Cross Country Mysteries, with the first book, Death of a Dispatcher.

Announced as a Finalist in the

American Book Fest 2021

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Sheryl C.D. Ickes Profile Pic
It Only Takes A Bite
Holding Books

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is mentioned in my fictional mysteries, but it is real. If you are interested in checking into these real-life treasure hunts (for stamps) then please click on either of the buttons below. These are two sites that I trust.