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  • Sherry Ickes

Let's Talk Pennsylvania! - Part 1

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

I have lived in this state all my life and yet I am still learning about different waterfalls, state parks, and places to visit.

Caledonia State Park near Chambersburg, PA

There are so many great places to camp in our state. For instance, if you stay at either one of Caledonia's two camping locations, you will not fall short of things to do while on vacation. Gettysburg is not far away with its rich history in battlefields and monuments. Mister Ed's is a just a stone throw away from the park and harbors all sorts of delectable candies for every sweet tooth. And this state park has hiking trails and events that are sure to capture everyone's attention.


Buttermilk Falls - One of Them

Across the state, there are a plethora of Buttermilk Falls. This past month, my daughter and I visited one of them and it was truly a treasure to see. In the above image, only one of the falls is shown to the left of me. Nestled in a hole along the side of the road, this beautiful display of water's natural grace made me not want to leave it.

Fun Fact: Can anyone see the rainbow?


Elk Viewing Spot - Elk County

In Elk County, there are different viewing spots designated for people to observe the Elk from a safe distance. Sometimes you can be lucky and see a whole bunch of them while other times you don't get to see even one. It is a hit or miss, but when you do get to see them, it is well worth the time spent there. Just be careful and keep your distance. Remember, they are wild and not for petting! There is even a radio channel dedicated to spreading the word about the history of Pennsylvania's elk population and safety information.


Colonel Denning State Park near Newville, PA

Fishing is a peaceful pastime for many near this state park. Me, I like to read a book and watch everyone else fish. But you can not deny the serenity at this state park. It hosts a tranquil lake that rolls down the dam in the photograph. Further into the park are playgrounds for children and trails that take you past smaller streams and bridges before connecting you over to the rustic camping section.


This state has a never ending amount of history, culture, and nature to fulfill any wondering mind! And one of the best ways to discover new locations is too participate in letterboxing! It's just like geocashing, but free and fun for the entire family. Check out more information about it on the homepage of this website.

All images in this blog entry were taken by Sarah Ickes. Check out her artwork at

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